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The Xilema duo is a piano four-hands duo formed in 2019 by pianists Silvia Cernea and Nazanin Yalda. One being from Romania, the other from Iran, these two musicians met in the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.

In this practice of the duo, which demands a unique and intimate approach to the same instrument, friendship becomes an essential asset.
 Silvia and Nazanin combine their musical visions and their sensitivity in search of colours and musical expressions in a repertoire that crosses a wide variety of styles, ranging from classical era to the compositions of our time.

They obtained their Specialized Master's in Chamber Music with great distinction from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in 2022, studying under the tutelage of Muhiddin Dürrüoglu and Gabriel Teclu.

The Xilema Duo is the second laureate of the Génération Classique competition (2022/23) of the Musiq3 Festival organized by the Wallonia Brussels Federation. This victory has opened many doors for the duo and allowed them to perform on various stages and festivals such as Studio 4 Flagey at the Musiq3 Festival, the Namur Musical Festival, the Royal July Music Festival of Saint Hubert, the Musiq3 Brabant Wallon Festival, the Music Festivals in Charleroi, among others. They also participated in the Karreveld Festival, supported by Chamber Music for Europe, at the Musical Seasons of Seneffe, performed at Art Base, Salon Bugrane, "Sur la Place" with the Brel Foundation, at the Maison des Cultures de Molenbeek, at the Joseph Jongen Auditorium, and many other stages in Belgium. They have also performed in France at the Le Vent Sur L'Arbre festival.

Silvia Cernea


Silvia Cernea was born in Bucharest in 1990. She began her piano and music studies in Spain, in the city of Oviedo, at the Eduardo Martínez Torner Conservatory. She continued her education in Barcelona, earning her Bachelor's degree with high honors at the Liceu Conservatory under the guidance of Stanislav Pochekin. Subsequently, she completed her Master's degree in piano at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels with Éliane Reyes and Gabriel Teclu. Fascinated by chamber music, she furthered her skills in piano duet by pursuing a Specialized Master's degree at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels under the guidance and inspiration of Muhiddin Dürrüoglu and Gabriel Teclu. Her passion, sensitivity, and artistic commitment have led her to perform and share her music on numerous stages and festivals in Belgium, France, and Spain.


Nazanin Yalda



Nazanin Yalda was born in Tehran in 1994. She began her musical studies at the age of 10 with the piano. A graduate of the Tehran music school, she continued her studies at the “Conservatoire a Rayonnement Régional de Paris”. After obtaining her diploma, she was admitted to the "Royal Conservatory of Brussels" where she obtained her Master's degree with distinction in the piano class of Eliane Reyes.

She has performed in numerous festivals such as "Musicorum" in Brussels and "Le Vent sur l'Arbre" in France.

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